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Heavy Duty Repair in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Cameron is happily married to Brittney and they have six beautiful daughters. He enjoys spending time with his girls. He loves to take them on road trips, camping, fishing, hunting or panning for gold. They love doing anything as long as it is together. They love to go out to the Salt Flats every year for Speed Week and watch the trucks their dad works on. He has been the mechanic on the world's fastest truck, the Phoenix. One of his favorite hobbies is making anything and everything have more speed. This hobby starts with his, own dodge Cummins truck.
He has experimented and tried everything. It started with a twin turbo kit that was not offered but he needed it for more power, economy and lower exhaust drive. Even though it wasn't offered it didn't stop him, he just created his own. He also recently rebuilt his engine to handle all the power for everything else he is already running on his truck.
Cameron has been in the diesel business for 15 years. He started his career in Spanish Fork while apprenticed under his dad, Pete Schmidt, who is a very accomplished journeyman in the diesel industry. Cameron realized at that time that his passion and natural talent was working with diesel trucks. He worked at the bench and learned how to build turbos, injectors, heads, blowers, transmissions, re-ends, water pumps and etc. He even took it a step further and attended schooling in Eugene, Oregon on rock crushing machinery. He excelled in this field and was the head field mechanic for the state with Good fellows working on all rock crushing plants statewide. He then joined forces in 1999 with his father again and started Utah Diesel Center. He is a very skilled troubleshooter and can diagnosis any problem that has come his way. He is widely known for his troubleshooting ability because of his understanding and talent of how things work and the speed he can find and fix the problem.
He is also known to build special tools or parts that are not offered by anyone when it has been needed to get the job done and done right. He was building and applying water injection systems on vehicles to solve exhaust temp and performance issues before it was even heard of so his customers could pull with their motor homes. Several years later the market has caught on to his idea and utilizes it. If you put a problem in front of Cameron he will figure it out and complete the job to the best of his ability in the most efficient time possible. There is nothing he can not solve. He can build every mechanical component on a diesel truck and be assured that he can also make sure you are utilizing all the power your truck has, and if that's not enough he can get your vehicle more. He believes you can never have too much power. Cameron is known in his industry as honest, dependable and a person with a natural talent like no other. You can trust that your job is in the best hands possible weather it be your personal truck or your semi, either way it will be taken care of and run at its best.